Luxury is found in intelligent design

As the heart of the home, the kitchen can be a messy place — a centre for preparing food, cooking, cleaning, and entertaining. Great design can ensure the kitchen endures its many uses.

Hettich drawer systems, sliding and folding doors, and top-quality hinges can do much of the work for you, ensuring flawless kitchen design meets high-performing cabinetry that lasts.

The AvanTech YOU drawer system

From ground level to head height, Hettich creates smart, ergonomic storage solutions to ensure strain and discomfort are eliminated for the user.

The AvanTech YOU Drawer System by Hettich is a customisable response to the needs of a busy kitchen. With its ability to sustain a variety of weights and its silent, soft-closing door system, you can be assured that the contents of your drawers are secure. The sleek and modern thin-walled drawer and handleless ‘push to open’ function ensure a seamless aesthetic for the design-conscious chef.

With its headquarters in Germany, Hettich is a family-owned company that has been continuously improving its products for decades, creating remarkable kitchens across the globe.


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