Woven luxury: artisanal blankets for sustainable indulgence

When it comes to home comforts, there’s a lot to be said for the simple throw. Even more so when it’s woven with organic natural fibres. 

Enter Ottoloom, a New Zealand company with a global focus and a bent for conscious creation. 

Ottoloom was launched with the aim of preserving the ancient art of Turkish weaving using 100 per cent certified organic cotton and natural dyes. 

The crisp Marama bedspread is made with independently 100% certified organic cotton.

We work directly with Turkey’s few remaining weaving families and our materials are sourced in the same country. Beyond these families and a few individuals, there is very little left of Turkey’s once thriving weaving industry. With the proliferation of machine-made replicates, in just 30 years, nearly all of the country’s traditional weaving villages have disappeared and many families have lost their livelihood,” Ottoloom’s director Georgia Baker says.

“Currently, there are only 17 families in Turkey who use traditional looms and only three of these have the knowledge and skill needed to make our thick-looped towels. As opposed to the minutes it takes to produce a factory towel, an Ottoloom towel takes three days to thread and then many more to weave.”

Ottoloom’s blanket range goes one step further with the introduction of Japanese artisanal methods, to deliver a range of luxuriously decadent blankets and throws. 

“The densely woven, silky soft natural fibres feel indulgent leaving you relaxed and tranquil,” Georgia says. 

Organic, designer blankets

The Brera blanket has a large waffle weave that add a textural dimension to your space.

“The Brera blanket is gently woven on a traditional Japanese loom to maintain thread integrity and offer a level of softness that modern machinery simply can’t match.”

A designer throw blanket for all seasons

Moscow blanket Ottoloom
The densely woven Moscow blanket will complement any design aesthetic in the home.

For a throw blanket perfect for both summer and winter, the hand-dyed and woven Moscow blanket has an intricate design defined by grey hues in an elegant striped pattern. Breathable in summer, or the perfect additional layer in winter, this is a favourite of the Ottoloom collection.

A sensory delight, both extravagant and alluring, these are must-haves for the ultimate winter lounging experience. 


Peruse Ottoloom’s full range on the HOME Gallery

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