HOME in five with Day Barnes

30 August 2021

Art director Day Barnes is the creative soul behind the pages of HOME, and a constant source of laughter in our office. From his bubble in Whangaparoa, Day shares his take on this level four lockdown. 

HOME: What’s the best part of the view from your home?

Day Barnes: I’ve managed to bubble-up with my bestie in Whangaparoa and have a flawless cliff-top view across to Long Bay and beyond. I can even see the Skytower, though it’s 23.1km away.

Throughout the day, when pondering complicated design decisions (red or white), I unconsciously turn my head to the left. And then come out of my reverie (white) to find the most serene beach view with people and their doggos. 

Whangaparoa at the end of the rainbow

H: What are you reading?

DB: I’m usually a sucker for YA, fantasy and sci-fi trash but just finishing The Three Body Problem, by Liu Cixin, which is a little more cerebral. Using the terror of China’s cultural revolution as a backdrop to some mind-boggling science fiction. It’s just been picked up by Netflix.

I’m supplementing this with the less demanding The Broken Earth trilogy – beings of immense power, fate of the world etc. I really appreciate the protagonist is a middle-aged woman, dealing with her sense of self in a ravaged world as well as the loss of people dear to her. 


H: What are you watching/playing?

DB: I’m a messy consumer, flitting between sci-fi, S.Korean rom-coms, YouTube design and tech channels, anime and food shows. 

I tend to play as much as I watch and I’m currently playing Disco Elysium, an incredible detective game with real character and fantastic writing/voice acting. 

Plus I’ve just bought a Pocket Operator for making melodies and ‘beats’. It’s blown my mind with what it can do. 

H: What are you cooking/baking?

DB: My bestie is a foodie and I’ve tried to keep up with her. We’ve had some incredible food but my best effort so far was a tri-tip with tiger bite sauce, so delicious. 

As I write I have a beef pie in the oven. I tasted the gravy and I’m pretty confident it’s going to be the finest pie in the southern hemisphere (possibly the whole world). 

Level four comfort food

H: What’s inspiring you right now? 

DB: It sounds corny, but I take constant inspiration from the New Zealand collective. People totally being bros to each other. Looking after each other and remaining chill in a difficult time.

I’d also add, that if like me, lockdown is not too difficult, please consider donating to the Food Bank or Give A Little


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