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Island abode

Clad in cedar, this house is devised as a sum of connected parts. The cedar is used in several different formats, the differentiation is subtle as are the tonal changes.

Sculptural outcrop

Impeccable furniture selection from Simon James helps to stitch the architectural narratives of this Great Barrier home to its surroundings.

How a Dunedin potter transformed a heritage building

Just near The Octagon in Dunedin, a 158-year-old two-storey commercial building had been empty for several years, slowly deteriorating amidst the hustle and bustle of Princes Street. Potter Amanda Shanley changed that.

Tonal synergy

From magnificent gardens and beneath the entangled boughs of a mature pohutukawa tree, Callerton House is a place of dynamic juxtapositions.

Bespoke Home

Samsung has this month released a revolutionary new product to New Zealand: a completely customisable French door refrigerator.

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