The plunge pool, redefined

Not quite a pool and not quite a spa, the Stoked Stainless Plunge Spa strikes a perfect balance between the two with a piece that embraces the art of relaxation outdoors.

Whether an icy dip or the indulgence of a hot soak the contemporary plunge pool has evolved in leaps and bounds from its humble origins.

“Once associated solely with bracing cold water, the plunge pool is now a coveted outdoor item, allowing people to easily immerse themselves in therapeutic healing or relaxation in the privacy of their backyard,” Stoked Stainless’ Mike Daish tells us.

Ideal for areas where space is at a premium, and for those not wanting to excavate for an in-ground swimming pool, the plunge spa offers an enviable design-led alternative.

“A transportable, above-ground pool, the Stoked Stainless Plunge Spa moves between spa-like indulgence and invigorating cold with a temperature range of 5-41° Celsius it is an incredibly adaptive piece of equipment.”

Electrically heated, it is crafted from marine grade stainless steel and cedar. Available in two sizes, the 2.5m-length pool comfortably fits 10 bathers, while the 3m pool fits up to 14.

Stoked Stainless was recently the first Australasian spa company to be awarded the prestigious Climate Care Certification, an achievement Mike says is an accolade they are partiuclarly proud of and demonstrates the brand’s unwavering commitment to sustainability, using materials that have an incredibly long shelf life.

“All Stoked Stainless tubs and spas are individually handcrafted in New Zealand and come with an insulated lockable cover.”

Complementing the wider Stoked Stainless range of electric, wood-fired and hybrid spas, hot tubs and baths, the plunge spa marks another level of innovation for this Wanaka-based brand garnering global attention.

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