The sky above

Taking the operable louvred roof to the next level, the latest innovation from Louvretec is the Retract Roof range — Opening Roofs that completely open or close at the touch of a button.

Like Louvretec’s other Opening Roofs, when the blades on a Retract Roof are in place overhead, they can be rotated to an open or closed position, allowing for adjustable sun control or shelter. The difference with the Retract Range is the ability for this roof to seamlessly slide away, revealing the sky above.

In this house, two Retract Roofs were used side by side to create an alluring versatility. When closed, the roofs allow for a covered connection between the main abode and pool house, and a sheltered place to sit fireside or enjoy the summer breeze in the shade.

When completely open, the space changes dramatically.  At night, the deck below becomes a place to sit and enjoy the night sky; during the day, a place to embrace the sun’s warmth as required.

The Retract Roof comes with the option of sun and wind sensors, which will activate the roof louvres to move into a position automatically. It can also be connected to a home automation system, or controlled via a remote.

Available in two styles, Slimline Retract and Super Retract (pictured here), and in a large range of powdercoat and anodised colours, the Retract Roof has undoubtedly claimed its place at the forefront of contemporary al fresco design. 

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