HOME in five with Emily Wakeling

The newest member of our team, business development manager Emily Wakeling, is spending her lockdown on the edge of Lake Taupo. We caught up with her to catch a glimpse of the envious views.

HOME: What’s the best part of your view from home?

Emily Wakeling: My mum’s house in Taupo has the most relaxing sound from the pond and a deck that looks out to Mt Tauhara. I’m also only a couple blocks from the lake so get to enjoy a lunchtime stroll with Jasper (golden lab). My work from home set up moves around the house to follow the sun; I’m feeling very lucky to be able to enjoy the time here.

Branch manager Jasper

HOME: What are you reading?

EW: I have a few books on the go right now. I started a monthly book club last summer in Wellington with my friends. We were all reading similar things and I thought it was a great excuse to meet up, enjoy a natural wine and (sometimes) talk about books. We’ve had to move to Zoom now, but it’s the best way to stay connected! My favourites are currently by Haruki Murakami, Dolly Alderton and Tara Westover.

Sunset hues

HOME: What are you watching?

EW: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang! I watched this last week and it was amazing. Also anything from the 1990s/early 2000s – the style back then reminds me a lot of what everyone wears now in Wellington. Then I throw in a little Cooking with Paris to keep me relevant!

View envy for the Aucklanders

HOME: What are you cooking and/or baking?

EW: I started off a lot more experimental with cooking at the beginning of lockdown, but have brought it back to basics now that it’s been going on longer. One of my favourite meals at the moment is sun-dried tomato pesto gluten-free pasta.  Jackfruit nachos is another favourite, as is matcha tea (I’m drinking three or four of those a day at the moment).

HOME: What’s inspiring you right now?

EW: My friends, always! It’s been so amazing to have them to talk to during lockdown and keep me busy. Also, my boyfriend Connor. We had to pack up our house to move from Wellington during lockdown which has been super tough. We haven’t quite made it to Auckland yet, but we’ll be there as soon as we can.

Halfway between Auckland and Wellington, Emily is making the most of lakeside walks

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