HOME in five with Katie Delany

31 August 2021

HOME’s digital manager Katie Delany is the driving force behind HOME’s social and web channels. She’s the team’s go-to person for creative digital content, a villa-dweller, dog and plant mumma, and an (aspiring) baker. Here’s Katie’s experience of lockdown so far.


HOME: What’s the best part of your view from home?

Katie Delany: My house has a lovely sunny deck, with views of Arch Hill to the Sky Tower. Our cat and dog love to sunbathe with us in the afternoon or join in with our sun salutations for the odd morning yoga session.

Downward dog

HOME: What are you reading?

KD: We recently started a book club, and our first pick is Wild by Cheryl Strayed so the lazier members of the club can watch the film. I’m yet to pick it up but I have fewer excuses in lockdown, so better get stuck into it.

HOME: What are you watching?

KD: I just binge-watched The Panthers on TVNZ on Demand. The series really shows the emotion felt by the Polynesian community during the Dawn Raids and is a really well-told story. The acting, wardrobe and music are also incredible. I have my fingers crossed for a second season!

HOME: What are you cooking and/or baking?

KD: I’m better at doing the dishes or creating a cheese platter, but my partner is flexing his baking skills perfecting his scones.

HOME: What’s inspiring you right now?

KD: All sorts! I love catching up with what my friends, family and colleagues are doing on social media, and seeing them make the most of being at home. My little bubble is just three humans, a dog and a cat, entertaining each other and giving out ‘flatmate of the day’. It’s great to be able to have this time together we usually wouldn’t.

Barkley and Phoenix

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