Drawing on the verdant coastal and alpine landscapes of New Zealand, James Dunlop’s latest collection is undeniably authentic and alluring.

Lazlo chairs by David Shaw upholstered in a faux-sheepskin, Fleece colour Merino by James Dunlop

New Zealand boasts an abundance of breathtaking coastal vistas and rugged alpine topography.

The fabrics within the Homestead collection are inspired by a deep connection to the environment; the transitional textiles focus on tactility and dimension to complement the view, in a sophisticated yet casual reflection of how we live in this part of the world. 

Arlo bench by David Shaw upholstered in a tailored boucle, Alpine colour Merino by James Dunlop

“The Homestead collection draws inspiration from the magic of New Zealand’s landscape and its influence on our architecture and interior design. The collection presents a new facet of luxury that focuses on simplicity, tactility, and practicality,” James Dunlop design director Annie Moir says.

Experience the colours of New Zealand’s lush fjiords, snow-capped mountains, and rolling hillsides.

A wool-blend semi-sheer drape, Element colour Ochre by James Dunlop

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