Woven nature

New Zealand design house Hemptech has collaborated with Australia eco-design duo Kate St James and Catherine Whitting to release an exclusive new fabric collection.

Firespike. A design inspired by the tropical native plant in Australia known for its abundance of flowers during autumn and winter; 100% linen.

Made up of four unique designs, the Sanctuary collection explores Kate and Catherine’s love of their gardens in autumn. Original artworks from their Indian ink, watercolour, and hand drawings have been transformed into soft patterns and printed in New Zealand using low-VOC water-based inks.

Released in September 2022, Sanctuary has its roots firmly planted in sustainability, an ethos shared between St James Whitting and Hemptech.

Hemptech specialises in natural fabrics, working with linen, hemp, cotton and wool, and partners with artists and designers in Australia and New Zealand to create their exclusive designs. 

Punica. This design takes cues from pomegranate grown in perfect formation, replicating the natural pattern; 100% linen.

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