How these new appliances make it easy to get a designer look at home

30 September 2019

Fisher & Paykel chief industrial designers discuss the brand’s latest releases and how you can customise your kitchen with these integrated and modular appliances 

Architects: Crosson Architects

Customisable refrigerators

Mark Haydon, Fisher & Paykel’s chief designer for refrigeration, discusses the new ‘Column’ refrigeration range

Tell us about the ‘Column’ concept.

It’s a range of refrigerators and freezers in varying widths that can be tailored to suit a customer’s preferences. The single units can be placed side by side or separated if required. The door can be stainless steel, or a custom-made panel can be applied so that the product is hidden away and blends into its surroundings.

What were you trying to solve?

Column refrigeration is a well-defined product sector overseas, but we felt we had our own unique perspective on what ‘class-leading refrigeration’ should look like. The result is a beautifully designed and engineered refrigeration range that has received fantastic feedback and accolades both at home and abroad.

Architects: Rogan Nash Architects

What do these products do that others don’t?

We know that customers love the idea of independent compartments inside their fridge. We also know that different food requires different storage temperatures – so we developed a system that offers both. Each fridge and freezer has variable temperature zones, each with three different food modes that can be easily changed with the touch of a button.

Tell us about the design of the interior.

We wanted the interior fit-out to reflect the same qualities found in the beautiful kitchen environments in which they will be placed. This meant balancing high-quality materials, such as a full stainless steel interior, with beautiful usability and an LED lighting scheme that enhances the overall sense of space.

What does this refrigeration concept provide for designers?

The freedom to decide how to adapt these products in a way that works seamlessly with any plan.

Products within the ‘Companion’ range are designed to work seamlessly together.

Modular appliances

Adam Moody, Fisher & Paykel’s chief designer for cooking, discusses their new cooking companion products

Tell us about the cooking companion products concept.

Our new range of cooking companion products provides choice and design freedom for customers. It includes a combination steam oven, microwave oven, warming drawers and a coffee maker that are designed in modular sizes to work perfectly in any kitchen size or layout.

What do the cooking companion products do that other products don’t?

They provide additional cooking technologies for a greater variety of cooking methods and styles. The combination steam oven and combination microwave oven are great multi-function appliances. For example, the steam oven operates as an oven, grill and fan grill, and it also has five steam functions – all in the one compact footprint.

The coffee maker has a refined aesthetic and an impressive 13 different beverage options.

Why the new black range?

We’ve made all of the design elements in the new range black. There’s a lot less visual contrast within the product, which results in a more refined palette and materiality. They can either blend in with the environment and recede into the background to provide a minimal look, or become the hero piece and really stand out.

How do the products tie together?

The design is carefully considered – the products can work on their own or together with consistent dimensions and cohesive design detailing. We get really excited about seeing our products seamlessly installed into a well-designed kitchen, where the architect or designer has really thought about finer details. This follows through to the detail we put into the design of our products.

Black cooking companion products will be available summer 2019/2020.

Fisher & Paykel is the principal sponsor of HOME Tour 2019.

Photography by: Simon Wilson.

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