Palettes of optimism and comfort: the colours of 2022

The annual Dulux Colour Forecast 2022 has arrived, and as we are spending more time in our home than ever before, the timing could not be more prudent. The highly anticipated forecast unveils which colours are most likely to permeate our lives in the year ahead. 

For 2022, Dulux introduces three new exciting palettes, inspired by our natural surroundings, and evoking adventure, comfort and playfulness. 


Featuring rich, sensual hues alongside dusky rose and pops of gold, the Flourish palette evokes a sense of adventure and passion. These colours are reminiscent of vibrant traditions from around the globe.  

Wall (back): Pōhutu Geyser, wall (front): Whāngārā, ceiling trim: Sandfly Point Half. Artwork: Wild Flower, by Llewellyn Skye, Fenton and Fenton

Cabinet: Dulux Karori, walls: Deep Leather, above fireplace: Castlepoint, ceiling: Sandfly Point Half. Artwork: In Dreams, original Photograph by Lilli Waters, Modern Times


The Restore palette consists of gentle, earth-based tones alongside rugged, natural hues. These colours recede and do not demand attention, allowing a reassuring backdrop. A sense of calm, comfort and clarity are evoked in this palette. 

Wall: Dulux Ōpononi Double, feature wall: Wigram. Artwork: Night 1, by Phoebe Halpin, Studio Gallery

Walls: Dulux, Ōpononi Quarter, joinery: Finnegan. Artwork: Shadows Danced, by Irene Grishin-Selzer, Modern Times


A playful and 80’s-inspired palette, Wonder reflects a sense of reawakening and celebration. A palette of cornflower blue, lemon and green quartz, the Wonder palette speaks of joy and optimism. 

Walls: Dulux Edvard, ceiling and trims: Southern Alps. Artwork: wall: Lemons On A Pink Table, by Helen McCullagh, Studio Gallery, Green & Purple Freedom, by Brigita La, Modern Times; top shelf: Aeonium In A Posy With Kangaroo Paw and Paper Daisy, by Dominka Keller, Forman Art and Framing

Walls: Dulux Tuakau, ceiling and window trim Southern Alps. Artwork: Empty Wishes, by Gabrielle Jones, Studio Gallery

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