The art of home time

We pair some of our favourite pieces from Bauhaus with artworks from Parnell Gallery to exemplify the shifting seasons: interiors that go from lush and textural through to vibrant, sunlit, and refreshed to the washed out blues, yellows, and the greens of early spring.

Pictured above:

Wendelbo Slice Rack, tall medium, black, $4405, from Bauhaus; books: Paris Chic and Versace Catwalk, $189 and $125 respectively, from Maman,; Kansas vase, $109, from Bauhaus; dry florals from Madam Rat,; Maytime water carafe and tumbler set, amber, $65, from Bauhaus; Kanaami Stone by Kathy Barber, $550, from Public Record,; Shino Hayashi vase, $750, from Public Record; Wendelbo Pontone L-shape sofa, Roco-20, $12,984, from Bauhaus; Vincentia mustard cushion, $139, from BoConcept; Herringbone gold wool throw, $315, from Tessuti,; Emmett floor rug, 200x300cm, pumice, $2069, from Bauhaus; Cyprian cushion, oatmeal, $129, from Bauhaus; Ethereal, by Tim Jones, acrylic on canvas, 1100mm diameter, $4600, from Parnell Gallery; Arc coffee table medium and large, bronze, $3056 and $3935, from Bauhaus; Tray, gold/cayenne, $148, from BoConcept; Crater Cube by Ben Pearce, $1600, from Public Record. All other items, stylist’s own.

Pictured above:

(At the forefront, left to right): Emmett floor rug 200x300cm, peat, $2069, from Bauhaus; Cover armchair, clay 17/oak, $1395, from Bauhaus; Vessel round dining table, natural oak, $2525, from Bauhaus; Dali bowl, ceramic, $235, from Bauhaus; Sputnik light pendant, from Vitrine, POA,
(At the back, left to right): Attach coat hook (set of two), oak/rose, $99, from Bauhaus; Contemplation III, by Anne Riethmaier, mixed media on board, 400x400mm, $700, from Parnell Gallery; Muuto Ridge vase, small, beige, $135, from Bauhaus; Muuto Raise glasses (set of two), clear, $115, and Muuto Raise carafe, clear, $159, both from Bauhaus; ceiling ‘tubes’ and LED strips, InLite,; coupe, smokey frit, $95, from Monmouth Glass,; Muuto Platform tray, grey, $135, from Bauhaus; Kinto stacking mugs, terracotta, $36.50, from Father Rabbit,; Cafetière (eight cup), $289, from Tessuti,; R+D.LAB Luisa 1-litre carafe, sand, $280, and R+D.LAB Luisa Acqua, sand (set of two), $189.50, both from Tessuti; Contemplation II, by Anne Riethmaier, mixed media on board, 400x400mm, $700, from Parnell Gallery; Raad glass bottles, $29.90, handwash, $25.95, and dish soap, $17.95, all from

Pictured above:

Muuto Cover lounge chair, Refine cognac/oak, $2605, from Bauhaus; Muuto Pebble rug, 200x300cm, pale rose, $3989, from Bauhaus; Camerich Teri V2 side table, small, natural oak, $520, from Bauhaus; Muuto Kink vase, light blue, $505, from Bauhaus; dry florals, Madame Rat,; Muuto Outline three-seat sofa, Vidar 723/aluminium, $9679, from Bauhaus; Missoni Whittier cushion, 50x50cm, $657, from Tessuti,; Tala cushion, 45x45cm, $129, and Lynette lime cushion, 50×50, $149, both from Republic,; The Captain, by Ross Jones, oil on fine portrait linen, 950x1250mm, $28,000, on show at Parnell Gallery 8–22 November 2022; Muuto Around coffee table, large, ash, $1515, from Bauhaus; Honest Energy, by Kiya Nancarrow, ceramic, 280x380x300mm, $2900, from Parnell Gallery; Muuto ‘The Dots’ coat hooks range from extra small (6.5cm), $53, to large (17cm), $83, colours (left to right): mustard, oak, midnight blue, oak, petroleum, midnight blue, dark green, from Bauhaus; Muuto Around coffee table, small, light blue, $879, from Bauhaus; Camerich Teri V2 side table, large, natural oak, $545, from Bauhaus;
Ferm Living Muse vase, Clio, $200, from Bauhaus; Muuto Ridge vase, medium, terracotta, $225, from Bauhaus. (Model: Lucy Griffin)

Pictured above:

(Upper shelf): Gold tray, stylist’s own; Maytime water carafe and tumbler set, amber, $65, from Bauhaus; conical bud vase, cream frit, $120, Monmouth Glass,

(Lower shelf): Smooth carafe, violet, $260, conical bud case, copper, $120, and Murrine bud vase by Stephen Bradbourne, $650, all from Monmouth Glass; Ferm Living Ripple champagne saucer (set of two), glass, $89, from Bauhaus; dry florals from Madam Rat,; Muuto Nerd bar stool, 65cm, sand yellow, $1049, from Bauhaus.

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Art direction Federico Monsalve

Photography and styling Kate Grewal

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