The humble stripe

New Zealand towelling brand BAINA has this month released Collection 05., an interpretation of the ‘humble stripe’.

Co-founders Bailey Meredith and Anna Fahey have explored the  recurrent use of stripe, in varying weights, rhythm, and colour.  The result is a five-piece collection that explores balance through the distribution of line.

Each variation of the linear pattern was highly considered to evoke an emotive response; horizontal lines suggest distance and calm, vertical lines indicate height and  strength, and diagonal lines convey a feeling of movement. 

“Within a swimming pool, lines indicate a path of movement. In  art, line suggests structure and form, and within Collection 05., we see line acting as a bold visual reference of balance,” Anna tells us.

For Bailey, the use of the stripe was about a sense of intrigue; intrigue to interpret it within a new context: “We wanted to bring the traditional stripe to the bathing space in an unexpected way.”

However, it was also about the use of colour, exploring both complementary and unexpected combinations. “For Collection 05., we see the monochromatic pairing of Ink and Sky to visually define the rigidity of the line, while the Butter and Maroon combination is simultaneously soft, yet strong,” Bailey explains.

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