Twin Peaks


Photographer: Sam Hartnett


Context and materials informed the renovation of this Edwardian villa in one of Ponsonby’s best known heritage avenues. Situated at the head of a row of same-styled houses, the property overlooks the backs of heritage commercial buildings, with their collage of brick outbuildings and additions.

Taking cues from its surrounds, the new addition was conceived as a series of smaller forms that would complement rather than compete with the original villa. These forms stretch along the South boundary, orienting new living areas to the North and enclosing a garden courtyard (by Babylon Gardens) – with pétanque court – for entertaining.

The use of heritage brick to clad the central kitchen and living area, highlights this as the hub of the home whilst ensuring the scale of this form doesn’t compete with the villa. Inside, the new forms play out through pitched ceilings which help to orient rooms and make for more dynamic interior spaces.

The use of the brick outside informed the material palette inside with warm walnut and brass cabinetry reflecting the rustic tones of the brick cladding.

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