Mood and texture

More than ever, walls are being used as a central, albeit often beautifully subtle, design element within interior spaces.

Sto's versatile interior render system transforms walls into a striking design element.

A particularly versatile interior render system by Sto was specified in two of the 2023 Home of the Year finalists: Ivy Box in Queenstown by Yoke, and Allum Street House by Dorrington Atcheson Architects.

The finished aesthetic is strikingly different in each house, articulating the design freedom the product allows, and an elegant way to create the look of concrete.

In Ivy Box apartments, Stolit® Milano offers a light texture that is enhanced as the light is drawn in during the day, and different at night with interior lighting. A considered depth of character is created here with the use of subtle texture, central to the monochromatic palette.

In Allum Street House in Auckland (pictured above), the same product is used to create a softer, slightly more accentuated textural design element. Sto interior renders are all hand-applied, and therefore unique to each application, with natural variances depending on environmental conditions and lighting.

See how Stolit® Milano was used in the 2023 Multi-Unit Home of the Year by watching the mini-film below.

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