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More comfortable with a coloured concrete floor. It soaks up the heat during the day and gently releases it throughout the night to keep you warm and cosy. This thermal efficiency keeps your power costs down too, as there’s less need for heating and cooling. The smooth, easy to clean surface makes it easier to maintain a healthier environment. It’s a great option for allergy sufferers. Of course, the benefits of a concrete floor aren’t just about practicality. A concrete floor looks great. It radiates style throughout your kitchen, living room, hallway or wherever. With so many colours and finishes to choose from, you can create a look that is distinctly your own. And because it’s concrete, it will maintain its beauty for decades.
Patios & courtyards
Use PeterFell coloured concrete to create the patio or courtyard that is distinctly your own. There are over eighty colours to choose from. Add to that your choice of textures, shapes and patterns, and you have the freedom to create whatever look you want. And because it’s concrete, you can feel secure knowing that beauty will last for decades.
Driveways & paths
Turn your paths and driveway into dramatic design statements that will set your house apart from your neighbours. PeterFell Coloured Concrete is the cost-effective way to create something special for the entry to your home. Use texture and colour to transform a functional pathway into an eye-catching design feature. With so many colours, patterns and textures to choose from, you can let your creativity fly. And because it’s concrete, you know it will maintain its beauty for generations.
Make more of your walls with coloured concrete. Turn your precast or tilt slab walls into a design feature with PeterFell coloured concrete. The PeterFell System is used to add flair to concrete walls throughout New Zealand. And because it’s concrete, you can be confident knowing that the colour will last for generations.
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An urban gallery

On the threshold between residential and commercial precincts, a concrete building was designed as a link between the two – sensitive to each and with an undeniable character of its own.

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ThomasSeearBudd1989--0001_### 1

Wedged between bush and sea, this Coromandel home is devised as a place of quiet; a place to bunker down, a place to escape to – and a place from which to enjoy the outdoors.

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Screenshot 2022-10-07 at 11.03.54 AM
Two palettes

Four local design houses join forces to create two alluring interior material palettes, each with a distinctly New Zealand aesthetic.

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*Digital Process :
A clifftop vision

There’s something alluring about white concrete. Combine its vibrancy with exceptional formwork and a daring architectural vision and the result is spectacular.

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Coastal hues

On an elevated site above the Tara Iti golf course, a low-lying pavilion sits subservient to the landscape. The materials, neither ostentatious nor pared back, were selected to blend into its surroundings. 

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*Digital Process :
An urban lantern

In Auckland’s Grey Lynn, a decidedly contemporary home combines a trio of materials to deliver versatile spaces of permanence and tactility. 

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*Digital Process :
A bunker by the lake

Evelyn McNamara’s Lake House is somewhat monolithic in form and uses a robust combination of materials that exudes a strong presence and a feeling of being protected. It could be deemed brutalist, but there is something more also going on here. 

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Stephen Goodenough Photographer
A house of ebbs and flows

The simplest way to describe this 2021 finalist in the City Home of the Year category is: three concrete pavilions tied together by a highly sculptural copper form. Those two materials were selected for their durability, thus minimising the need for maintenance and allowing the owners more family time. 

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*Digital Process :
A modern stone

HOME and Peter Fell present: A Modern Stone, an exploration of concrete in the 2021 Home of the Year, Black Quail House by Bergendy Cooke.

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Premium Range

Gelato Range

Pastel Range

HOME x Peter Fell Minifilms

Coloured concrete was not always a common architectural feature in New Zealand. Back in 1991, when the business was created, Peters 10 years’ experience in the concrete industry working mainly in the admixture field, was what inspired him to design and develop systems using coloured oxide.

Peter would go to his back shed in Point Chevalier and experiment around with messy bags of iron oxide. It was here that the technical processes for adding colour were created.

Since then PeterFell has become a leading specialist supplier of coloured concrete, with a team of over 17 longstanding team members, a purpose-built Auckland showroom and a product range that’s always growing.

Back in those early days, it was just Peter and his wife Mary. They handled everything from selling, producing, packing, invoicing and accounting – with Mary also managing to hold down a second job keeping the household afloat.

Their passion for coloured concrete flowed through to their children, Shannon and Brennan.

The kids started young. There’s the story that still does the rounds about how Brennan, who was just a schoolboy at the time, served customers while his father Peter was being rushed to hospital with a heart attack in 1992.

Brennan finished his degree and went on to achieve a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology. After completing a post-doctoral research posting in the USA, he returned home (plus a wife and first child) and re-joined the family business. Brennan’s background has made him a valuable key member in the technical team and also gave structure to a steadily increasing number of staff.

Today, Brennan is the Managing Director of the business.

The team continues to maintain the commitment to quality that all began in Peter and Mary’s shed back in the nineties. It’s a commitment that drives exceptional customer service and the delivery of the best coloured concrete products for New Zealand.

Visit our showroom.

81 Patiki Road
New Zealand

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This Auckland home is made up of a trio of individual but allied cubic forms using terracotta, corrugate, and a polycarbonate that positively glows in the dark like an urban lantern.

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Lake Rotoiti house

Unfolding across two visually distinct levels, this holiday home on the shore of Lake Rotoiti is envisioned as a winter house — a concrete bunker of sorts nestled into the hillside.

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New wave

Inspired by a heritage church, this suburban Christchurch home uses its sinuous form for both impact and functionality.

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